Services / Projects

Core Business

Our primary business provides a wide range of 'plug and play' products such as the Blip Box gear shift system, race handlebar switches, ABS delete systems.

All of which are available to buy directly or through a worldwide dealer network..

Special projects

We tend to take over where most 'project bikes' run out of steam or knowledge. You may have built an amazing collection of parts to create the best ever track bike or restored an old GP/Superbike to its former glory, but now it needs to run.

Sure you can throw on a stock loom and ECU, mess with it until it works, but it can be done so much better if you start from scratch with a design of a complete new electronic packages that suits the bike and your budget

Design and prototype

Our in-house design and prototype capability allows us to take ideas into reality in the shortests possible lead time.

3D CAD, 3D Printing, laser cutting, simulation


Our wiring design and manufacturer is limited to Ducati application and for any bike that we are also providing a replacement electronic setup.

Every wiring loom we build uses the best quality products from companies such as Deutsch, Rayfast, Tyco. We also fully test all wiring looms using a simulation rig to ensure everything will works once it is fitted to the bike.


We are continually staying at the forefront of product development and aim to get products to market within 2 months of any new bike being launched.

This process is getting ever more complex as most bikes now use complex coded communications between the switches, dashboard and ECU. Our products have to talk the same language and never interfere with the bikes operation or leave error messages on the dash


With over 30 years of dyno, track and tuning experience we are able to offer all of our customers technical support for any product we sell. If we dont understand it or know it inside out, we dont sell it.