About Us

Bike Sport Developments was started 12 years ago by Mick Boasman who simply wanted to create cool Magneti Marelli electronic systems for a small number of great bikes and discerning customers. But as with all good things, they tend to grow and as the years progressed a wide range of ‘spin off’ products were created to move the business more towards special parts in boxes and less ‘full electronic build’ projects (although we still love these too)

For those with cool bikes or special projects we are happy to play with exotica and bring them to life and specialize in classic SBK and GP Ducati with an extensive archive of knowledge and software.

As well as our own range of specialist motorsport products, we also sell and support Magneti Marelli racing products , Microtec ECUs, AIM system, and a huge range of OEM car and motorcycle parts. 

Dealer inquiries are always welcome for those wishing to re-sell our products, just send us an Email.