Blip Box - Replacement shift sensor (load cell)

Code BD-PO-78-17B
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Code BD-PO-78-17B
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  • Description

    Blip Box replacement Cordona load cell

    This new Cordona shift sensor is physically interchangeable with the old 'red' shift sensor but does have a different force calibration so not directly 'plug n play' interchangeable.

    For those who have the Blip Box - USB cable it is a simple matter of loading a new Blip Map from our updated software library

    For those who do not have the Blip Box - USB cable, please Email us stating your Blip Box serial number. 

    For more information on this new sensor, follow this link

    This sensor does have the advantage of being able to swap force directions for standard and reverse shifting without the need for a PC.

    Shifter setup manuals :  Ducati : Yamaha

    Watch the process in YouTube

    • Wire length - 450mm
    • Power supply - 5v
    • Range - 500Nm
    • Zero force offset - 2.5v
    • Electrical connection - 3 way JST - Pins
    • Wiring 1 - 5v , 2 - signal , 3 - ground

    Supplied with a 20mm extension piece and new rod-end for direct installation onto an existing shift rod.