BDC-SPxx - Custom made 'Type C' race switches from 2 > 7 functions - Brake or clutch side

Code BDC-SPxx
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Code BDC-SPxx
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  • Description

    Make : Generic 

    Part Number : BDC-SPxx

    Number of switch functions :  2 > 7

    Position : Right or Left (use pull down menu to choose)

    Road or Track : Both

    Mounting type : Mounts directly onto the handlebar using our generic 22mm clamp, or onto the clutch post, or the brake master cylinder.

    Download the product : DATASHEET 


    Use the DATASHEET to help design your custom made race switch. There are 4 right side body designs to choose from providing 2 to 5 switch positions facing the rider, and an option to add a further two more at the rear (on special request - Email us)

    Use the 'pull down menu' to select the number of switch functions you need.

    Lazer engraved text next to each switch

    • No text 
    • Your choice of text. there are space limitations so we will discuss with you what is possible on completion of the order. Or get it touch to talk it over - use the 'pull down menu'

    Custom logos

    • All will have our Bike Sport logo unless you choose to have a 'custom logo' - use the 'pull down menu'
    • Custom logos. We will need a 'black on white' JPG image to work with. This can be emailed to us on completion of the order.

    It is not possible to add every build option onto this web order page so we typically accept the order and then discuss with you the exact build.

    Colour options : Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow 

    Switch options 

    • Latching = Push to ON, then Push to OFF
    • Momentary with normally open circuit = Push and hold to ON
    • Momentary with normally closed circuit = Push and hold to OFF
    • Alternate momentary with one normally closed circuit and one normally open, these reverse when pressed.
    • Refer to DATASHEET notes, not all switch positions can accept the latching switch type. Or contact us to discuss what is possible.

    Wiring options : Typically we fit two wires per switch, but we can also build them with a common power or ground linked to all switches

    Wire is 22 (or 24) gauge Raychem type 55 Autosport type, with 500mm of raychem sleeve. Longer wires at special request.

    Switch rating - 3 Amp, for devices that exceed this we suggest using a relay. 

    Connectors - These are supplied without any connector but we can fit them, just let us know what you need and we can provide a quotation. 


    These 'Type C' switches mount directly onto the brake or clutch master cylinder using the two original clamp screws and a new dedicated clamp. or using the BR-G clamp, directly onto the handlebar

    We have brake clamps for:

    • BR-A    32mm in-line bolt spacing 
    • BR-B    30mm offset bolt spacing - Brembo XR , GP
    • BR-N    32mm in-line with a left offset for short brake levers Nissin / Brembo RC, RCS, Costa Corta
    • BR-F    30mm in-line as found on Accosato / Hel components
    • BR-J     32mm offset bolts spacing as found on Beringer components
    • BR-G    Generic clamp for any 21.8 > 22.2 mm handlebar (does not mount on the brake pump)

    We have clutch clamps for:

    • CL-A    32mm in-line bolt spacing 
    • CL-B    30mm offset bolt spacing - Brembo XR , GP
    • CL-F    30mm in-line as found on Accosato and Hel components
    • CL-K    36mm in-line spacing as found on Kawasaki
    • CL-J    32mm offset bolts spacing as found on Beringer components
    • BR-G    22mm generic bar clamp

    Specify clamp type at the time of ordering. One clamp is supplied free of charge per switch.

    Alternative clamps can be purchased separately, no need to replace the switch assembly.


    Construction / Notes:

    • Billet aluminium body
    • IP 67 waterproof switches with gold plated contacts
    • Raychem type 55 wire and DR25 sleeving
    • Plug and play wiring 
    • Greater crash protection and electrical integrity
    • May be repaired after crash damage
    • Custom designs are our specialty, so feel free to ask and typically at no extra cost.
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK at our workshops close to Silverstone
    • If you are not sure, call us for advice on 0044 (0)1327 263942 - UK
    • See below for compatible products

    To discuss your switch design

    Shop for alternative clamps here