BD-SW-4B-44 - Yamaha R7 2022 onward - 4 function - handlebar mount - Rain RES SEL Pit

Code BD-SW-4B-44
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Code BD-SW-4B-44
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  • Description

    Make : Yamaha

    Model : R7

    Year : 2022 onward

    Part Number : BD-SW-4B-44

    Number of switch functions : 4

    Position : Left side

    Road or Track : Track only

    Mounting type : Clamps around the handlebar via front and rear body - 2 x M4 cap bolts

    Download the product : DATASHEET


    These traditionally styles race switches mount directly onto the handlebar.

    This switch is is a direct 'plug n play' replacement for the standard switch assembly**

    ** Pit speed limiter is only possible via a re-flashed ECU, this product only provides the switch and 2 wires for you to connect. 

    ** Rain switch is provided by 2 wires for use within any suitable rain light circuit. This product only provides the switch and 2 wires for you to connect. 

    Clutch switch wiring is included as a separate component.


    Functions :

    • Rain switch
    • RES
    • SEL
    • Pit speed limit


    Construction / Notes:

    • Billet aluminium body
    • IP 67 waterproof switches with gold plated contacts
    • Raychem type 55 wire and DR25 sleeving
    • Plug and play wiring 
    • Greater crash protection and electrical integrity
    • May be repaired after crash damage
    • Custom designs are our speciality, so feel free to ask and typically at no extra cost.
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK at our workshops close to Silverstone
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