Cordona Quick Shifters

Strain Gauge GP ASG Superbike

Quickshifter - Blipper

Analogue Strain Gauge Load Cell for ECU’s with upshifts and auto blipper for downshifts. Used from advanced ECU’s as Magneti-Marelli, Motec, Mectronik, MotoGP ECUs as well as OEM, Kit ECU's and flashed ECU’s for street bikes with analogue 0-5v input.

The GP ASG Superbike sensor greatly improves the gear change performance and reliability compared to OEM and other competitors. It gives a superior distinct and smooth gear change performance similar to top GP and WSBK systems.

Compared to OEM and other shifters the Cordona ASG Superbike is faster, more distinct and have smoother action. The bike will use less traction control and not upset chassis under gear changes as much, especially during lean angle.


  • Analogue Strain Gauge GP ASG Superbike load cell
  • Output range 0-5v (0.5 - 2.5 - 4.5v)
  • Power supply 5-15v DC
  • Pinout; V ref, GND sensor, shifter ECU
  • 20MHz processor with adaptive calibration for temperature & vibration
  • Configurable for push or pull of 2.5v to 4.5v voltage direction
  • Self calibrated sensor makes it possible to change only the sensor after a crash
  • Temperature drift during normal operations; <0.04% within range -10°C to 125°C.
  • Max temperature sensor 125°C (150°C for short periods), 
  • Max temperature electronic module 85°C 
  • Completely sealed and weather protected (IP68) sensor and module 
  • High precision CNC machined stainless steel housing
  • Dimensions; 45mm long, 14mm diameter
  • M6 ’magical’ threads, i.e. left and right threads in both sensor ends
  • CE mark (EMC radiated) 
  • Total weight sensor-electronic module -cable; 51g