Cordona GP ASG Superbike 420 Evo - 125mm / Ducati V2

Code 420Evo-Spec-V4-125
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Code 420Evo-Spec-V4-125
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  • Description

    Application : Ducati V2

    Model : All versions

    Year : 2020 onward

    Part Number : 420Evo-Spec-V2-125

    Installation : Plug N Play

    Function : Up-shift / Blip


    The Cordona analogue 0-5v load cell with strain gauge technology from MotoGP, gives your gear shifts a significant upgrade in performance. You will experience a faster, smoother and more distinct gear shift performance that affect your bike chassis less than any OEM shifter. The completely sealed sensor without moving parts gives a far better reliability than any OEM shifter.

    The new introduced EVO version have a digitally ‘spring-loaded’ output signal which results in even faster shifts for many bikes from street, adventure to superbikes. 


    Included :

    • Complete gear linkage
    • 125mm aluminium rod with M6 left and right threads, 
    • left and right rod ends/uniballs
    • left-right nut-stud
    • 4 cable ties 
    • 3M Velcro 

    Technical specification :

    • 0-5v analogue high sensitive Strain Gauge GP ASG Superbike load cell
    • strain gauge technology, no moving parts in sensor
    • linear analogue output to bike ECU, 2.5v (at neutral gear), range 300N to 0.5v/4.5v
    • the EVO version have a output signal with ‘rate dependent hysteresis’ character
    • configurable push or pull direction
    • 5-15v DC power supply
    • 20MHz processor with adaptive calibration for temperature & vibration
    • max temperature sensor 125°C (150°C for short periods), electronic module 85°C 
    • temperature drift <0.04% within operation range -10°C to 125°C.
    • completely sealed and weather protected (IP68) sensor and module 
    • high precision CNC machined stainless steel housing
    • dimensions; 45mm long, 14mm diameter
    • total weight sensor-electronics 55g, complete linkage incl. rod-uniballs 120g
    • M6 ’magical’ threads, left and right threads in both sensor ends
    • CE mark (EMC radiated)


    The Cordona shifter kit will be supplied with an output direction to suit the standard bike. Should you wish to change this, use the following documents and tutorial video.

    Important note: If you are reversing the shift within the 'rear set' linkage and not changing the orientation of the lever on the engine you do not need to do anything as you are not changing for force direction as applied to the gearbox. This operation is ONLY needed if you are flipping the engine lever by 180 deg.

    Note that these will start a file download onto your PC, not open a new window.

    Changing the shift direction : Watch this Video

    Refer to Cordona manual documentation Here