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  • Hall affect sensors - Typically powered by 5 or 12v and having 3 wires (Power,signal, ground), these sensors produce a square wave output, with the voltage sinking whenever any ferrous object is passed. This sensor must be connected to a measurement circuit with a 'pull up resister' fitted. Perfect as wheel speed or cam sensors
  • Inductive sensors - Typically having 2 wires (signal positive, ground) these produce a +/- sine wave output with the peak voltages being proportional to the size of ferrous target being passed, the size of clearance gap and also the speed the object passes. Perfect for engine crankshaft speed

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Ford Cosworth distributor phase sensor
Ford Cosworth distributor phase Sensor
Our Price: £28.00 (33.60 inc VAT)
161 in stock!

713269010 more info
CWM Sensor
Engine speed sensor
Our Price: £40.00 (48.00 inc VAT)
(Out of Stock)

CWM Sensor more info
SEN 8I sensor
Engine speed sensor
Our Price: £45.00 (54.00 inc VAT)
11 in stock!

SEN 8I sensor more info
Engine speed sensor / TDC sensor
Our Price: £49.95 (59.94 inc VAT)
214 in stock!

SEN8D , SEN-8D more info
Hall affect speed and cam sensor
Speed sensor, Hall affect
Our Price: £110.00 (132.00 inc VAT)
5 in stock!

BD-SP-03-01 more info