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Who are we:
Bike Sports founder, Mick Boasman has spent over 25 years working in the automotive and racing industry specialising in all things related to fuel systems, data logging and engine control for companies such as Weber, Magneti Marelli Motorsport-UK and more recently Competition Systems  where he led the design and development of the Nemesis product range including the outstanding Nemesis Traction Control System

Superbike / Supersport electronics packages
For those who want the ultimate in bike electronics, many new and powerful  ECUs capable of monitoring and controlling every aspect of motorcycle dynamics are now available.  These coupled with Mick’s wide motorsport experience means we can offer a complete service from the initial ‘design brief’ through to a fully mapped bike.  This is all backed up with the track support experience enabling him to dial in the systems to suit the rider.

Design and manufacture
In order to make any electronics package  or component work correctly it must  be fitted to the bike in the right way, and it has to look good. Using the very latest 3D and 2D packages we can design and create prototype hardware to compliment the electronics. This way we can genuinely offer the customer the complete 'turn key' service

Track support
All electronic systems are only as good as the setup. For this reason each Nemesis Traction Control System 'TCS' we sell in the UK is backed up by free attendance at your first track day*. We will even attend foreign tests if you can stretch your budget to cover our costs. This does not mean that the TCS kits absolutely require track support, each kit is supplied with all of the slip maps and documentation you will need, we just offer it for that extra peace of mind.

For all of the advanced Superbike systems such as the Magneti Marelli systems we offer a complete package of 'installation services' providing workshop and track time to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss.

Training is available both at the track and and our workshop where a wide range of electronic products can be 'bench run' using simulators, all with expert guidance and without the risk 

Training is available on
  • Magneti Marelli Vision, Axon and Wintax applications
  • MTA (Digitek) - Table Manager and Data View

Mapping support can be provided for all of the ECU products we sell. This can be as background support where we attend a dyno session to offer advice or as a more hands on approach where we do the mapping for you.

Component sales
We are not just here for the big sales and high end professional teams. We stock everything from a humble connector costing a few Pounds to sensors and wiring components, right the way through to a complete bike set of 'ready to race' electronics.

All wiring is designed and 'built in house' using Raychem and Deutsch products for the ultimate wiring solution, or we can build using lower spec materials and connectors if this is what your budget dictates.

So whether you are looking for a single sensor or connector, through to an upgrade to your track bike or even a full blown set of Superbike electronics, we are here to help.